Push Me/ Pull Me

Making doors more interactive
for the better.

The Opportunity

Norman doors--doors that don't
clearly express whether they
should be pushed or pulled--are everywhere. This leads to confusion and sometimes embarrassment.

The Goal

Make a product that facetiously solves
this problem, which plagues beautiful,
yet unintuitive door design.

My Role

Prototype, design and develop.
Team member: Jingting He.
Voice: Michael Kenney

How it Works

Push me/ Pull me uses a toggle switch as an input and a sonar sensor in the middle which triggers a voice recording that informs the approaching user to pull or push as they come within 90 cm of the door.


Individuals can find the Instructable online and make their
own at home, carry it with them, and then when they encounter
a door that frustrates them tag it with a Push me/ Pull me.